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Private guided full day Chocolate and Cheese tour from Lucerne

Select between world-famous cheese factories in Emmental and Gruyere or a local supplier in Seelisberg or Engelberg and compliment this with a visit to a famous chocolate factory. World renowned names such as Lindt in Zürich, Maison Cailler near Gruyere and a local producer Aeschbach await your visit. All the places will show you, how the delicious Swiss delicacies are made and of course there will be the opportunity to sample the mouth-watering products too. Naturally the idea is to combine a cheese visit with chocolate and give guests a taste of the Swiss Countryside and towns and therefore we`ll visit some stunning natural scenery and other historic and interesting sites in the neighborhood. For the Gruyere and Maison Cailler tour, we will leave earlier than usual to allow for distance and depending on where we set off from we will probably involve driving over either the picturesque Brünig or Simmental passes. Gruyere itself is a medieval town with a 13th Century castle and the H.R.Giger (Aliens) Museum. A city tour around the capital Bern and all its history and charm is possible, as are a couple of stops in the Bernese Oberlands, if time permits. If it`s the world famous Lindt chocolate you are after, then we head to Zürich. A short tour in Switzerland`s largest city is more than possible before heading off to the Engelberg or Seelisberg cheese dairies. Then possibly look at a quick trip up a mountain such as Rigi or Stanserhorn and benefit from reduced rates, or enjoy a guided tour around Luzern, one of Switzerland`s gems and visit the Chappel Bridge, the churches, the Lion Memorial and the city walls. For the Luzern version, we will head off to the Aeschbach chocolate factory, where one can experience the interactive and self-guided Choco world tour and design and make your own 200gram chocolate bar. Enjoy the delights of the cafe and the shop before heading off to the Emmental Cheese dairy for another interactive introduction to the world of cheese. A Luzern city tour and a quick trip up the mountains nearby are possible to compliment this interesting and enjoyable day out. Switzerland`s most famous biscuit manufacturer, Kambly is also in the area, which can also be visited. Here again you will find interesting facts about biscuit production and the chance to sample as many as you can eat.

VIP tour - 3-geisha experience for a private group of max 4

Your visit to Asakusa can’t be complete without the exclusive experience of professional geisha entertainment and traditional fine dining. These special tours are limited to a private group of 4 guests to ensure a highly personalized experience.  Our guides bring you the best of both worlds in tourism: local knowledge, genuine friendliness only natives can bring, and an expertise earned through additional training on top of their official national tour guide certification. Just as Asakusa’s history started by the Sumida river, so do our tours. Step back and forth in time with us as we help you navigate the lively streets of Sensoji Temple, guiding you to the best spots to satisfy your eyes, stomachs, and your curiosity! Participate in centuries-old rituals at the Temple and the Asakusa Shrine and see what the fates have in store for you with Sensoji’s infamous paper fortunes. Relax in the quaint, atmospheric side streets reminiscent of olden days gone by and let our guide show you hidden gems and sights of all kinds, even those that don’t exist anymore! From the hundred-year-old shops and restaurants to the newer entertainment halls of the “Rokku” area, you’ll fall in love with Asakusa’s endless novelties that our guides help bring to life. As you’re led to the ryotei, a traditionally highly exclusive traditional dining and entertainment venue, your guide will provide you with an in-depth explanation of geisha including the history of geisha art, their training, and of course, proper etiquette to enjoy their exquisite company! We’ll put any misconceptions to rest so you may fully enjoy your evening surrounded by three of these expertly trained artists, a truly rare event for tourists! Once you arrive, your geisha for the evening will be waiting for you in their splendid kimono; relax as they expertly pour your sake and let yourself be enthralled by their refined dancing. Your senses will instantly be delighted as you savor authentic and seasonal kaiseki cuisine to the sounds of traditional music. Later, you’ll have the unique opportunity to enjoy their laughter as you play traditional games with them. No Japanese skills are necessary to play games with geisha, but your guide will be available as an interpreter the entire evening should you have any questions. An English-speaking geisha may be available upon advanced request. Photo-taking and video-taking is allowed.

Apple Museum Prague entrance tickets

Venture back into the recent past when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built the first Apple personal computer in the Jobs parents' garage. You will see how the Apple family expanded, astonished the tech world, and was welcomed into the lives of tens of millions of people across the globe. Familiarize yourself with Steve Jobs, the unique visionary and brilliant businessman who instilled in his colleagues the necessity of thinking differently. Prague is the first city to possess this unique exhibition. Apple Museum contains the most comprehensive timeline of Apple computers from 1976 to 2012. Jobs had the ambition and desire to change the world, and he did. The exposition focuses on his accomplishments through Apple as well as NeXT Computer and Pixar, which he founded after temporarily leaving Apple. Thanks to an interactive guide translated into eight different languages, virtually anyone can access detailed information on each of the exhibits, which are without exception originals. Apple Museum is housed in a burgher house, one of the most remarkable buildings on the Royal Route. The cellar, which is used for displaying artwork by contemporary Czech artists, dates back to the 12th century. Apple Museum is a great opportunity for children and adults alike to become informed about the revolutionary modern company while being uniquely situated just above the historical Romanesque cellars of old Prague. It is difficult to discover so much information about Apple in one space; Come learn about the company that has not only introduced new trends and technologies, but has created a lifestyle adopted by tens of millions of people around the world.

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