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Private full day tour of ancient Sparta & Mystras from Athens

This amazing tour will give you an excellent preview to the discovery of the history of Laconia combining Ancient Greek and (the lesser-known) Medieval Greek history. We will begin with a drive along the coast. On the way, you passing some Greek seaside villages and the heroic Salamis Island (where the historical naval battle took place between the Athenians and the Persians). Soon after will be our first stop at the Corinth Canal. Operating since 1892 and dividing the Peloponnese Peninsula from the rest of Greece while connecting the Saronic Gulf to the Corinthian Sea. Walking across the pedestrian bridge will be in awe of what has been accomplished here. If your game, on some days bungee jumping is an option. Leaving the canal we will head towards Mystras driving into the southern Peloponnese Peninsula through the mountainous landscape of the Greek countryside. Reaching Mystras you will automatically understand why this location stands so unique within the Greek sites. Known as the ghost city, fortified on a citadel, Mystras is one of the two locations in Greece that preserves not only medieval churches but also ordinary houses, mansions and palaces of the Byzantine Empire in combination with Frankish elements. Walking in the site on the upper point you will reach the citadel and enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding areas while walking downhill you will meet the palaces and the Royal courtyards. Although known as the ghost city most of the monasteries are still in use and the monks will gladly show you around their small society. Before you exit you will come across the chapel of St. Demetrios, on its floor survives a plaque depicting a two head eagle (the symbol of Byzantium). It was on this very plaque that Konstantine Palaiologos kneeled before he was crowned the last Byzantine emperor. Before visiting Sparta we will stop at a traditional Greek tavern at the small village of Mystras. Following we will spend the rest of our time in Sparta, known as the eternal rival city of the Athenian Democracy. Sparta revolved around a different Cosmo theory for the ancient Greek standards. Initially known as the birthplace of Helen of Troy and the Kingdom of Menelaus (in the Mycenaean period), Sparta was organized as a purely military society in the ancient Greek period. It was the city of the two Kings were a few aristocrats ruled and of course the city where Leonidas and his 300 Spartans marched from to face the Persian army in Thermopolis in 480BCE. The city whose one soldier counted as ten soldiers from any other Greek city. Reaching Sparta we will visit the ancient citadel of Sparta where you will have a view of the ancient theater being revealed gradually in front of your eyes. Continuing we will pass in front of the stadium where the statue of King Leonidas stands marking the ending point of Spartathlon race (Athens – Sparta 245,3 km). Lastly, we will visit the archeological museum of Sparta and before we depart for Athens we will also visit the museum of (olive and) olive oil.

History Tour and Traditional Music Live Performance over Lunch in Asakusa

This is an in-depth guided walking tour including lunch and live music in Asakusa, the heart of old Tokyo. This tour starts at Azumabashi Bridge over Sumida River which has been one of the most important and popular rivers in Tokyo. Actually, the story of Sensoji temple originated in this river 1400 years ago. Then, we move on to the world's well-known Thunder-gate with a giant red lantern hanging under the gate. That is the entrance to the world of Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. You may be surprised by its friendly and welcoming atmosphere walking on the Nakamise shopping street if you had imagined solemn and stately religious facilities. At noontime, we will take you to a long-established Japanese restaurant for live performance of Tsugaru-shamisen over traditional cuisine. Since it is a small restaurant with a limited number of seats, the performance is presented in its pure acoustic simplicity-- without the aid of electronic devices. Enjoy the music in intimate proximity to the musicians. Its deep and passionate melodies leave audience mesmerized. Here are details of the tour preceding to the visit to the restaurant. - Azumabashi Bridge on Sumida River This bridge has been one of the most important and popular rivers in Tokyo. Actually, the story of Sensoji temple originated in this river 1400 years ago. - Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) This is the entrance to the world of Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. The world's well-known giant red lantern is hanging under the gate. - Nakamise Shopping Street This street leads to Sensoji temple. You may be surprised by its friendly and welcoming atmosphere walking on it if you had imagined solemn and stately religious facilities. The street features not just shops but "history tablets," which recounts Asakusa's history with beautiful pictures. - Hozomon ("Treasure-House Gate") Hozomon ("Treasure-House Gate") is the inner of two large entrance gates that ultimately leads to the Sensoji (the outer being the Kaminarimon). A two-story gate, the Hozomon's second story houses many of the Sensoji's treasures. The first story houses two statues, three lanterns and two large sandals. - Sensoji Temple It is Tokyo's oldest temple, and one of its most significant. Adjacent to the temple is a five-story pagoda, which holds Buddha's ashes given by Sri Lanka government and Buddhist society for goodwill between Sri Lanka and Japna in its top floor. You can participate in centuries-old rituals at the Temple and the Asakusa Shrine and see what the fates have in store for you with Sensoji’s infamous paper fortunes. - Asakusa Shrine This is a shrine of Shinto, Japan's indigenous religion sitting just next to Senshoji temple. Coexistence of two distinct religions in the same premises may be unfathomable. The guide will unlock the mystery from a historical standpoint.

Private guided full day Chocolate and Cheese tour from Lucerne

Select between world-famous cheese factories in Emmental and Gruyere or a local supplier in Seelisberg or Engelberg and compliment this with a visit to a famous chocolate factory. World renowned names such as Lindt in Zürich, Maison Cailler near Gruyere and a local producer Aeschbach await your visit. All the places will show you, how the delicious Swiss delicacies are made and of course there will be the opportunity to sample the mouth-watering products too. Naturally the idea is to combine a cheese visit with chocolate and give guests a taste of the Swiss Countryside and towns and therefore we`ll visit some stunning natural scenery and other historic and interesting sites in the neighborhood. For the Gruyere and Maison Cailler tour, we will leave earlier than usual to allow for distance and depending on where we set off from we will probably involve driving over either the picturesque Brünig or Simmental passes. Gruyere itself is a medieval town with a 13th Century castle and the H.R.Giger (Aliens) Museum. A city tour around the capital Bern and all its history and charm is possible, as are a couple of stops in the Bernese Oberlands, if time permits. If it`s the world famous Lindt chocolate you are after, then we head to Zürich. A short tour in Switzerland`s largest city is more than possible before heading off to the Engelberg or Seelisberg cheese dairies. Then possibly look at a quick trip up a mountain such as Rigi or Stanserhorn and benefit from reduced rates, or enjoy a guided tour around Luzern, one of Switzerland`s gems and visit the Chappel Bridge, the churches, the Lion Memorial and the city walls. For the Luzern version, we will head off to the Aeschbach chocolate factory, where one can experience the interactive and self-guided Choco world tour and design and make your own 200gram chocolate bar. Enjoy the delights of the cafe and the shop before heading off to the Emmental Cheese dairy for another interactive introduction to the world of cheese. A Luzern city tour and a quick trip up the mountains nearby are possible to compliment this interesting and enjoyable day out. Switzerland`s most famous biscuit manufacturer, Kambly is also in the area, which can also be visited. Here again you will find interesting facts about biscuit production and the chance to sample as many as you can eat.

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