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Small group Northern Lights Monohull sailing boat tour in Tromso with dinner

Witness the solar wind collide into Earth’s upper atmosphere and fluoresce!  Sail into the polar night to encounter the Northern Lights also known as the Aurora Borealis!  Solar wind tends to travel along the lines of the planet’s magnetic field which concentrate near the poles, so the Northern Light phenomenon tends to be strongest in a ring about 1,500 miles from the magnetic poles. This ring passes right over northern Norway. The coast of the counties of Troms and Finnmark are where the Northern Lights appear with the greatest frequency of all. You can see them almost every other clear night. Tromsø is known to have a high probability of viewing the aurora borealis.  As this is a natural phenomenon, we can't guarantee that you will see them on the day that you book as the weather in the arctic winter is not predictable far in advance. Nonetheless, there is a very high likelihood that you will see the northern lights!  So come enjoy sailing in the polar night with our delicious food made from scratch, warm drinks, and the serenity of sailing through Tromsø's nearby fjords.  This tour is a unique opportunity to experience authentic sailing on a classic monohull sailboat with 2 masts. Our skipper is a long time sailor of the Norwegian coast who values safety, quality, and environmental sustainability of utmost importance.  At around 18:50 (6:50 pm), our host shall meet you at the dock by our sailboat. The tour will begin at 19:00 (7 pm) with safety information and the host will brief you about the various landmarks as we pass by. Those who wish to participate in sailing are welcome to do so with our captain but it is not required.  Our food is local and organic as much as possible. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, and we cater to those with any other dietary restrictions.  Tromso Island is surrounded by uniquely beautiful landscapes with dramatic mountain peaks sticking straight up from the sea.

Connoiseurs Choice - Private Tour with wine tasting

Welcome to the ultimate, in-depth wine adventure of Santorini. This is a tour for the connoisseur and discerning wine lovers, centered around rare fine wines from every corner of Greece. Enjoy an exclusive private tasting of the most exotic Greek wines whose distinctive aromas and elegance can be compared with the top international fine wines. Your experienced wine expert will escort you to a boutique winery for a private tasting session of Greek vintage wines. He will then explain everything about the different grapes varieties and varietals, the conditions in which they grow, their origin (Northern Greece, Central Greece, Peloponnese, or Crete), how they perform in different climates, as well as the viticulture of each region. The sommelier will unlock for you the vault of knowledge of the true connoisseur and provide you with in-depth information about the vinification techniques that develop the characteristic style of each variety. A mini-tutorial about the tasting notes and the basic steps in wine-tasting will prepare your palate for the unfolding of the senses that these wines command. The tasting will be paired with delicious Cycladic and Greek cheeses as well as delicatessen cold cuts.  At the end you will have the opportunity to obtain for your collection unique wines from this exclusive winery’s private wine bank. You can choose to keep these treasured bottles or share them with your knowledgeable friends or wine travel mates. After all, is there any present more elegant and distinguished than a truly rare and unheard-of fine wine? This is your opportunity to become a true adept to the little-known world of Greek fine wines.  

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