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Half day Santorini Cooking class & wine tasting tour with lunch

Treat your taste buds to a culinary island adventure on this half-day food and wine tour of Santorini. Taste fresh, seasonal produce at a local farm, and sip volcanic varietals at a family estate winery. Then, head to an open-air restaurant for a cooking class designed around traditional island recipes. Sit down to enjoy your handmade feast along with more wine, and receive a recipe booklet so you can impress your friends and enjoy the flavors of Santorini back home.  A blend of Santorini’s best tastes and flavors with a touch of your own effort to cook authentic Santorinian recipes — are the main ingredients of this experience. Start off with a visit to a local farm to learn about and taste fresh, seasonal produce. You'll also visit a family estate winery for a unique tasting of Santorini distinctive volcanic wines and a lesson in the island's unique viticulture and indigenous grape varietals. Next, head to an open-air restaurant for a hands-on cooking lesson of traditional recipes. Finally, you'll have the pleasure of enjoying your gastronomic creations paired with more wine. What will you take home with you? The joy of cooking traditional Santorinian dishes, the memory of an exquisite culinary experience with the delicious tastes of the island, and a booklet with all the recipes you cooked.  Cooking Lesson Menu? ?Cretan salad (ntakos) ?Traditional Tzatziki and local Fava dips? ?Tomato fritters ?Pork or Chicken \"tigania\" cooked with wild herbs and regional spices Yogurt dessert  

Private guided half day Tbilisi in all its glory and originality walking tour

A boring walk to the maximum - from the origins of the city and ancient temples to colorful stories and wine. In 6 hours you will make a great journey into the history of Tbilisi - I will talk about it easily and fascinatingly. Relive the past will help key attractions. Let's start from the Metekhi Plateau : admiring the panorama of the Old Town and Narikala Fortress, let's talk about the origins of Tbilisi. You will learn about the first settlement that existed here before the arrival of Vakhtang Gorgasali, and about the affairs of this king. Having gone down, we will go towards Meydan Square . In this ancient place you will present the lively shopping Tbilisi of the Great Silk Road and learn about the underground bazaar. After we go to the Sulfur baths , where there was still Marco Polo. I will reveal to you not only the legend of the falcon and the founding of Tbilisi, but also less well-known details: for example, why there are 15 left from 65 baths and why they have such names (from simple number 5 to the elegant Tsarskaya and Motley). In the same area, you walk along the Fig Gorge to a real waterfall, and admire the graceful Tbilisi balconies on the way - I will tell you why they served in different eras and why it was impossible to find two identical patterns. We will not ignore the modern Tbilisi buildings: you will cross the Peace Bridge and learn about its beautiful symbolism, as well as what the local’s think of a glass skyscraper and unusual pipes in Rike Park. Places of Faith My route through Old Tbilisi will cover the main religious buildings of the capital. In the 13th century Metekhi church on the plateau of the same name, you will learn about the architecture and types of Georgian churches, as well as about the prison past of this place. In Sioni Cathedral we ’ll talk about the main Georgian saint, Nino, because her cross is kept here; about the saved icon of the Virgin and why it is possible to step on burials here. In even deeper antiquity you will be immersed in Anchiskhati Church, where I will talk about the miraculous icon. A spiral staircase and narrow alleys will lead to an elegant juma mosque. Tastes and colors of a warm city A proper walk in Tbilisi is unthinkable without stories about Tbilisi residents, the Georgian mentality and cuisine! To make you feel better about the life of the townspeople, I will show you the famous Italian courtyards, tell about the city day, the colorful Tbilisoba festival, and about the jokes written on the tower of the Rezo Gabriadze Theater. At the Tamada monument, you will reveal the secrets of the Georgian feast - believe me, this is a whole science! In the middle of the walk (just when you want to relax) you will find a wine tasting in the 17th-century cellar, where only exclusive wines are stored. The tasting takes place within an hour without restrictions and with the comments of the winemaker.  

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